So, as you know, it's Men's fashion week in Milan and I am pretty excited. My favorite designers for menswear are showing this week. Christopher and his gang at Burberry Prorsum kicked things off. So I woke up this morning, breath still stank from my slumber and I jumped on the computer, my hand shaking with excitement as I type in MEN.STYLE.COM eager to be amazed and blown away by Chris once again. Was I blown away? NO I was not. The collection was so boring. The color story was mainly blacks and greys. I was not expecting such a melancholy collection from Christopther. This is the man who has designed so many fierce(I never use "fierce")collections. What happened Chris ? Everything was so safe and dull and looked so ugly if you ask me.(And please let that damn signature plaid rest in peace). I can safely say I did not lust over one garment in that collection. Next season come harder Chris.

*The good ol days*

wiping my tears
The Dealer