A really big PET PEEVE of mine is the guy who has on so much smell good, you can smell him from up the street and around the corner. I don't know what it is that makes a man, or a women for that matter, wanna bathe in his/her cologne/perfume. So here is the lesson for today children, "Less is More" say it with me "Less is More". For those who don't know, your personal scent is supposed to be intoxicating. It's supposed to make people want to get closer to you and if your fortunate, "CLOSER" to you if you know what I mean. So Start by finding a scent that matches your body chemistry. Don't just by something because it smelled good on a friend. What worked for a friend may not work for you. Before appyling your fragrance, "WASH". Besides being clean, this will open the pores which will make the sent last longer. Then immediately after you wash and dry, apply Four sprays of your favorite scent. One spray behind each ear, and one spray on both wrists. DO NOT, AND I REPEAT DO NOT RUB YOUR WRISTS TOGETHER OR RUB THE SCENT BEHIND YOUR EAR. Let the fragrance seep into your pores. And now your ready to go without causing harm to anyones nose. And please don't go and spray your favorite scent all over your clothes after you have gotten dressed because you don't smell yourself anymore. Its okay, Don't worry you still smell good. Please take my advice and I promise you'll be doing the public a service because if I have to smell one more overly scented person, Well... I just wonder how many pounds news cameras add on? LOL

With Pleasure,
The Saint