Cate wore Alexander McQueen to the premiere. Tilda Swinton wore Rodarte. And believe it or not, the movie itself was even better than that! The Arnold ADORED this film. It's a great story, originally by one of my favorite authores; F. Scott Fitzgerald. It stars 2 of my favorite actresses; Cate Blanchett and Tilda Swinton, and of course Brad Pitt who besides being truly GORGEOUS is an amazing actor. The story of the movie is touching and moving AND the style and scenery of the film are breathtaking. Cate SITS and Brad is Hollywood handsome and both give PERFECT classic Americana with the wardrobe as the film spans several decades. I wanted EVERYTHING Benjamin wore...even when he was 80 years old. Yet and still, this isn't a style movie. This is a love story and a story about life. I can't wait until the Oscars!

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The Arnold