Oh HOw I LOve THee, LEt Me Count All 8900 Ways.

Ok Guys, Now THe SAint is only human and I'm entitled to change my mind atleast 8900 times a year. I know for christmas I said I wanted the BLackberry STorm, well sources tell me that'll never happened because the makers of blackberry recalled it. Now I dont know how true that is but in the mean time I still need A stylish gadget that will look great in that CRoc BAg I wanted, not to mention its not cute pulling out a piece of crap to make a phone call in a GUcci Suit (shout out to Frida, I still think you did your thing in Milan for fashion week). So In search for the next best thing I found this;

BLackberry CUrve 89oo

Let me introduce all my Phone Freaks to the BLackberry CUrve 8900. This phone is the Blackberry Curve revamped, all the same features plus a sleek, smaller frame and wifi. It has GPS, full keyboard, camera and video recording, built in media player, and a whole bunch more crazy gadgets I'll probably never use. Point being, I want it, or should I say "may I have, Pleaseeeeeeee" Plus I'll look so business like. Blackberry has once again found away to steal our money. I'm sure they'll be another one in a few months but intil then humor me.