Is Vogue boring?

Cathy Horn of The New York Times thinks so and so does the Arnold. Cathy is sick of the same old tired celebrities on the cover of Vogue. She is tired of the way Vogue focuses on the same old "socialites" over and over again and is "embarassed" by how Vogue deals with the recession. She's over Anna and she's over Vogue. And I can't blame her. Now don't attack me here, but I agree. I've been buying and reading Vogue since 19...for a long ass time. I adore Anna and Andre and Hamish and Grace and all the people that have MADE Vouge what it is. Vogue was around for a LONG time before Anna or Andre though. It is unquestionably America's fashion bible. However, I haven't purchased an issue in well over 2 years. I did not renew my subscription. I'm tired. I'm bored. And if I see Jennifer Aniston/ Nicole Kidman/ Charlize Theron/ Kate Hudson/ Cameron Diaz on the cover instead of a model one more fucking time I'll scream... And even the models they use bore me.( Can I see someone other than Caroline Trentini and Raquel Zimmerman, Anna?) Where's the inspiration? Where's the risk? This is fashion! American Vogue paved the way so there should be no reason why Russian and Italian and French and Chinese Vogue's are so much more daring, beautiful, inspiring. Why any real fashionista worth his or her weight would rather skim the latest W! This is not fashion heresy I swear. It's honest.
Anna: Step it up. We love you. We love Vogue. Get some new staffers and hire them NOT just based on their pedigrees. Tell Meredith Melling Burke to retire those sparkly slingbacks she wears to EVERY public event. Try some new photographers. Don't make it so obvious that the articles are written from someone sitting up on Park Avenue looking down on Main Street America, even if that is the case. Put some MODELS on the cover. Even black ones( Besides Chanel, Jourdan and Arlenis). Suprise us. Excite us. Gag us. Anna, don't bore us.

The Arnold