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Carmen Solomon Boss models
found her on were faggy bitch



Do you love her?
I do.

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So I went shopping today because I needed a black jean for work and while I was in Urban Outfitters a girl folding the jeans was wearing these:

The infamous Balenciaga wedge boot from the fall 2006 collection. I gagged so hard, I never seen them in person (now I know why MK wears them so much). So you guys you know I followed her around the store I played it off and acted as if I was looking at the jewelry but I totally got into her look. She was wear black tights and a oversized men's white oxford shirt with platinum blond hair in a updo and a black silk scarf tied around her head with that balenicaga boot. She looked perfect, but I was wondering how could a girl working at Urban afford a balenciaga boot, she most have saved for months to get them. I would have too !

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You know I Love you Tilda

I still want those Lanvin sunnies

Tilda in Rodarte

In Lanvin

I have a secret crush on Tilda and it freaks me out lol.
I live how she WEAR the clothes.
I love how she is masculine but still a lady.
I love love her red hair and pale white skin.
AND her accent

Not to mention Tilda was the inspiration beyond Victor and Rolf's 2003 fall collection which is one of my favorite collections. The models were sent down the runway with bright red hair and pale white skin like Tilda, and the clothes were beyond amazing. Victor and Rolf put a spin on wardrobe classics like the white shirt and trench coat by adding up to seven lapels on the jackets and giving the collars and sleeves larger than life proportions.

see for yourself

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Alil wood for the girls

This boot is my fav

Nicholas Kirkwood winter 08

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Nickel Spa for men

The Nickel Spa for men is located on the corner of 14th Street and 8th Avenue, right in the heart of Chelsea. The spa is a story building that used to be a bank that was designed to look to submarine with all glass and chrome finishing. I just love spas I try to go as much as possible. Now I never been to Nickel but I would love to go and experience what they have to offer. Nickel offers facials, massages, and haircuts all at a reasonable price. You can get a 2 hour session that includes 60 minute Swedish or Sports Massage 60 minute Complete Facial all for $170. That super cheap compared to the spa I usually go to I usually drop about $300 for a session.

Nickel spa for men 1 212 242 3203

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To arch or not to arch

Well I have been in a internal debate with myself over the issue of my eyebrows. Now I have very thick luxe eyebrows with a natural arch and I love them but recently a lot of people keep suggesting that I got them arched or "cleaned up". Now I wanted to do for a while but I get scared because if I go and get them "cleaned up" I'll look totally like this:

And that's not a cute look at all. I like to look natural even if its fake if that makes sense to you. I love how Boris eyebrows look, I want brows like him.

If I do decide to get them done I'm going to the salon with a picture of Boris so they know I mean business. So should I get my brow cleaned up or leave them bushy and untamed. And which is better wax or plucking them.

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I just want to wish my big head little sister Lauren happy birthday

Happy birthday boo !!!!!!!

She is 12 today (they grow up so fast)
I love you Lauren

your brother
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You think I could pull it off

Alright I have been thinking I need a new man bag. I wanted the Vuitton Keepall 45 in Black epi, but I have been searching my options. I mean the Keepall is cute but everybody has one. I want something alil different and a bag that not everybody knows what it is. I have been lusting over the Givenchy Nightingale for a months now. I think it would be a perfect bag for me I think its big enough for my stuff, it comes with a shoulder strap. And it doesn't look like a women's purse anddddd its super cute. Now the Nightingale comes in two size the medium and the large and of course I want the large I feel if a man is going to carry a bag it should be HUGE I hate to see a man(unless your bryanboy) with a small ass woman's bag. Do you think I could pull it off?

I don't know yet I want to try one on and see if its big enough and see if the handles are long enough.

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Usher and the lovely Canadian dynamic duo wonder twins Dean and Dan are creating looks for Usher and his upcoming tour for his album "Here I stand".

Watch your hand Dean or Dan which ever one you are lol

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Pretty little things: Brooks Brothers

Black fleece
Brooks Brothers
Camel Hair Hooded Duffle Coat

Crocodile Weekender

Alligator Journal

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Really Kanye?

So Mr. West is trying to pull a Sean Avery and wants be to a fashion intern. He wants to intern for a major fashion house. I just cant see Kanye getting slim milk lattes and carrying garment bags.


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Feel the beat

This is my current favorite video. She is wearing me out in this video
And no its not Christina A.
She is the one and only Lady GaGa!
The Lady attended the exclusive Convent of the Sacred Heart school in Manhattan, which counts Hiltons, Vanderbilts and Kenndey ladies among it's alumni.
Lady Gaga was granted early admission to the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU and she has written some of your favorite songs featured on Gossip Girl and Dirty Sexy Money.

Make yourself familiar with her.
Here is another video from the Lady
She is not playing with the girls at all.
And sadly, she's younger than both The Dealer and The Arnold. Oh well.

Poker Face

And for the record a heavy bang is my favorite hair style EVER.

Double kisses
The Dealer & The Arnold