Hello my name is: Lady Amanda Harlech

There are only three names to know when someone mentions the house of Chanel. There is Gabrielle and then there is Karl, and finally Lady Amanda. To be honest with you guys, I have been in love with her for years. I would wait for the Chanel show every season to get a glance of the muse of all muses lady Amanda. Amanda grew up in a pretty normal home compared to the one she has now (a permanent suite at the Ritz in Paris where she keeps her wardrobe of couture dresses and a farm in Shropshire, England and that's just for starters).

Amanda is a woman of many different titles. First she is mother of two Jasset and Tallulah ( look out for her please), she is Lady second, she married Francis Ormsby Gorethe 6th baron of Harlech. And she was also fashion editor at Harpers & Queen magazine. And last but most important, Muse. Before Amanda became muse, (or lieutenant as she likes to call herself) to The Kaiser, she was the muse of John Galliano and oversaw his famous graduation collection at Central Saint Matins College. She worked with Galliano for 12 years; all of them unpaid, before going to Chanel and getting a healthy salary and of course free clothes! But when you have a title like Lady Amanda, you don't really need a paying job, you just need to stay busy LOL. Lady Amanda Harlech is a TRUE style icon and taste maker. She is in the super small elite group of women who are the walking definition of effortless chic and she wears Chanel haute couture like we wear gap! If only...

Double kisses
The Dealer