To arch or not to arch

Well I have been in a internal debate with myself over the issue of my eyebrows. Now I have very thick luxe eyebrows with a natural arch and I love them but recently a lot of people keep suggesting that I got them arched or "cleaned up". Now I wanted to do for a while but I get scared because if I go and get them "cleaned up" I'll look totally like this:

And that's not a cute look at all. I like to look natural even if its fake if that makes sense to you. I love how Boris eyebrows look, I want brows like him.

If I do decide to get them done I'm going to the salon with a picture of Boris so they know I mean business. So should I get my brow cleaned up or leave them bushy and untamed. And which is better wax or plucking them.

Photo credit:

The Dealer