Dear friend: Beyonce

Dear Sasha,
can I call you sasha

You know I love/hate you right. I love everything about BUT sometimes your looks puzzle me. Sometimes you get the look right like for example below :

I love your relax approach very cute shoe and cropped leather jacket. Love the hat and the frames and your matching with your husband which is super cute, you could have left the scarf in the car but its still a cute look.

Now lets talk about what you wear on stage at the MTV European music awards. So you choose to wear exit 3 of Garth Pugh fall 2008 collection. I say BRAVO for picking a designer not many outside of the industry know about, and for being sooo fashion forward, not many can pull off a Garth garment and look good, and also thank you sooo much not wear anything from the Tina Knowles collection (she needs to be stop). But Sash even though I love you for picking that dress I kinda hate it alil. First I think if you are going to wear such a dramatic garment the hair and makeup should match the look or be so plain that the garment is the focus of the look. I don't think your choice hair and makeup was the right choice and why in the world would you wear such a simple shoe with that look. Sasha you should have pulled out a SHOE for the kids. Now sash I still love you and I love the direction your going in but I think you needs that extra little something to give your looks the "WOW" and "OMG " factor that it is lacking in my opinion.

double kisses
The Dealer