Joan Shepp

When I was about 14 I discovered a place in which back then I called heaven on earth aka Joan Shepp Boutique. Now Joan Shepp is thee boutique in Philadelphia. She carries what Neimans and Saks are scared to sell LOL. The first time I walked inside it was like walking into Vogue's closet. There were Prada shoes, Chloe bags, Ann Demeulemeester coats, Junya Watanabe skirts (I didn't know who half the designers were at that time) it was overwhelming for me. Can you imagine how I felt being a 14 year old boy who was secretly obsessed with fashion?! I almost had a massive stoke! I still remember that day like it was yesterday LOL. So if any of my fellow fashion junkies will be in Philadelphia, it is a MUST to visit Joan. It is a Philadelphia fashion landmark.

I was in there today while I was on my lunch break and here are some little goodies I noticed.

Black and Brown Sandal
Dries Van Noten

Yves Saint Laurent

Cropped Sweater
Victor Victoria

Liquid Metal Bracelet B11
Liquid Metal

Reptile Pump
Yves Saint Laurent

Small Easy Bag - Stone
Yves Saint Laurent

Joan Shepp is located at 1616 Walnut Street
Philadelphia Pa 19103
PH# 215 735 2666

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