SOOOOOOOO I watched BET's realty show brothers to brotha tonite, which is a okay I watched it cause it came on after Keisha Cole show which I love cause Frankie is a keke honey and they are kinda cute anyways back to the brothas show apparently one the brothas is a lay dee . I want you guys to watch and see who I don't want to ruin it for he people who didn't see it yet. But no shade the first time I seen him the first thing I said to myself was "yes boo you are cute" and then the second thing I said was " oh yes and you a lady too" . Now the brother never said "I am gay " but watch and judge for yourself. Is the world ready for a openly ( giving a side eye cause we all know ) gay artist. I think its time I support the brothas and wish them the best.

(ps I want to slap the black off that girl with the side ponytail)

double kisses
The Dealer