Lets talk about how much I love Rihanna's new video Rehab with Justin timberlake. I'm not even going to get into how fucking hot JT is looking in this video we can discuss that at another time he needs his own post. The video is lovely Rihanna is giving LOOKS. My favorite were the Rodarte Christian Louboutins and the baseball/scarf bathing suit combo it kinda reminded me of a look from John Gallaino's 2003 S/S collection look 8 to be specific get into the head piece(it's on my myspace if you need to see). But Rihanna has gained my love over the years because I used to not get into to her at all. But I must say she really has stepped out to be a trendsetter. We all remember that haircut even I wanted that haircut. And that's what I like about Rihanna she is not scared to try new things or to go left when everyone is going right, well some of the thanks goes to her stylists Lysa Cooper, Ursula Stephen and Mylah Morales of course. But everything she does works the tattoos the hair everything is just perfect. Keep it up

Double kisses
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