back rubs in the french tubs

(am I the only one who raps foxy's part only ?)

Today I heard a song that took me way back to high school.
Rewind back to 1996 The Dealer was a freshman in high school. Every Friday, Saturday and sometimes Sunday my twin sister and I would go to our daddy's club and dance the night away in the finest labels( in those days it was Moschino, Iceberg and Versace late right) partying with stars, shopping sprees, penthouse suites and all on daddy's coin of course lol. I lived a life most dream about.

double kisses
The Dealer

And since we are reminiscing remember this one.

Happy Halloween from A2G



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The Dealer


I don't want to see another soul in any of these items again they are officially LATE. And if you do still wear these items please die. lol

(name plate chains, neon colors, glasses with no lens etc.)


The Dealer

So I watched it

I finally tuned in to Stylista on the CW. The Dealer raved about it and I'd seen the commercials in between my obsessions; Gossip Girl, 90210, and Privileged, and I was curious but not excited about the show. I personally, am tired of the style and fashion themed "reality" shows. Just sick and tired. I don't want so see any more bitchy girls and dramatic gays competing on T.V for a place in an over glamorized and over saturated industry. And imagine all the wannabes's watching who want to be "stylists" and magazine editors and designers now! Chyle PUH-LEASE!
Anyway, I watched and it was just what I expected. Bitches and crazy gay guys. I will admit I was quite afraid of the intensity of Jason's panic attack though. Still, I can't say I loved it. And might I add that I do not like Anne Slowey. I don't like the way she walks. I don't like the way her mouth looks when she talks. I don't like her hair and I don't like her fashion choices. And I hate that she is the focus of the show and she isn't even funny or clever with her contrived bitchiness. "She looks like she got dressed on crack."? Really Anne? Was that the best you could come up with? She's no Nina Garcia or Anna Wintour or even Miranda Priestly!
Maybe next week.

The Arnold

CHEAP and CHIC: Ponds dry skin cream

The Dealer and The Arnold live and die by Ponds dry skin cream. The winter is coming up and it is time to switch to a heavier moisturizer. Did you know that water-based lotions dry out the skin? That's why you should stick to oil based lotions or creams to keep the skin hydrated throughout the entire day. My first draft pick will always Ponds.

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The Dealer

The Arnold could NOT agree more. I certainly don't feel pretty unless I have some on my mug.

Pretty little things: HIS

Tweed jacket

Techno Limit
Engraved link bracelet

Double front cardigan

Golden Goose
Selvage denim jeans

Maison Martin Margiela
Sweatshirt with leather patches

Golden Goose
Calf-length leather boot

Comme Des Garcons Shirt
V-neck sweater

photo credit:browns

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The Dealer

Pretty little things: HERS

Christian Dior
Belted astrakan coat

Christian Louboutin
Pony skin strappy sandals

Andrew GN
Fur trimmed sequin jacket

Alligator and crystal square bag

Dries Van Noten
Striped sleeve sweater

Bex Rox
Marcasite tiger watch

Mrs John L Strong
Calendar and easel

photo credit:browns

double kisses
The Dealer

"You and your white shoes"

Stylista was so good tonite, first I want to say I fell out when Dyshaun said and I quote "I think you have the whole house divided , you and your white shoes " He is so shady LOL and I love it. For the record I HATE WHITE F*CKING accessories white shoes, white belts, white sunglasses, white gloves, white hats. I will stop talking to you and read you into a mud hole if I see you in a white accessories. Now there are extreme cases when they do apply but the are few and very far between. But back to the show so for their challenge they had to put together a look using key items off a list. Now The Dealer knew every one expect pin tucking. I was like what on god's green earth is pin tucking I never even heard of such. So I googled it and pin tucking is a form of tucking a garment (duh) using a pin tuck foot on a sewing machine and this is what a garment looks like when it is pin tucked.

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The Dealer

Bestill my beating heart

Melanie Huynh - Assistant French Vogue
Take note from Melanie
the girl can

She gets it right every time, she is never over dressed she is always cool and chic. And she knows how to work her garments notice how she wears the navy blazer and leather jacket perfectly.

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The Dealer


Do you guys remember the young lady I posted about couple of weeks ago well I did my research and her name is Austria Ulloa Alcantara and she was runner up for the ford model search in 2007 in the Dominican Republic. She is now signed with IMG models and a costar on "Model Live".

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The Dealer

Is it weird??

That I just sometimes want women's shoes? Like not to wear them, because I'm not that kind, but like, I just want to decorate my house with them or something. Men's shoes are boring anyway. For example, I would attack someone for these Manolo Blahnik's for Christopher Kane. Ugh!

They come in black too just so you know.

But The Arnold wants the blue ones!

Was that shade, Iman?

Iconic Supermodel Iman is not to keen on the idea that Republican Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin may have spent $150,000 on her wardrobe. She kept it fashion, though, and not political. She said "the clothes she's wearing don't say $150,000. It doesn't even look like $100." She went on to compare her to Cindy McCain who is also known to dress quite expensively, but it's ok, since as Iman says, "because all she wears is Oscar de la Renta, but Palin? Those suits don't look like $150,000 to me."

Now that was some subtle but honest shade from a legend and I could not agree with Iman more. Cindy could spend $150,000. I'm sure she does on the regular. Michelle Obama could easily spend the same amount on her classic sheath dresses, but Sarah Palin in those blah skirt suits? BITCH PUH-LEAZE! I'd have taken her right to Banana Republic, styler her up real nice for a few hundred dollars and the GOP could have paid The Arnold half of what they paid at Neiman Marcus! (Not that it would have helped their campaign though.)

Listen to the Arnold. Listen to Iman.

M. Monroe

I'm was feeling very extra glamorous today, so I watched "Gentleman prefer blondes" which is one of my favorite movies and it's all because of her.

Double Kisses
The Dealer