"You and your white shoes"

Stylista was so good tonite, first I want to say I fell out when Dyshaun said and I quote "I think you have the whole house divided , you and your white shoes " He is so shady LOL and I love it. For the record I HATE WHITE F*CKING accessories white shoes, white belts, white sunglasses, white gloves, white hats. I will stop talking to you and read you into a mud hole if I see you in a white accessories. Now there are extreme cases when they do apply but the are few and very far between. But back to the show so for their challenge they had to put together a look using key items off a list. Now The Dealer knew every one expect pin tucking. I was like what on god's green earth is pin tucking I never even heard of such. So I googled it and pin tucking is a form of tucking a garment (duh) using a pin tuck foot on a sewing machine and this is what a garment looks like when it is pin tucked.

double kisses
The Dealer