So I watched it

I finally tuned in to Stylista on the CW. The Dealer raved about it and I'd seen the commercials in between my obsessions; Gossip Girl, 90210, and Privileged, and I was curious but not excited about the show. I personally, am tired of the style and fashion themed "reality" shows. Just sick and tired. I don't want so see any more bitchy girls and dramatic gays competing on T.V for a place in an over glamorized and over saturated industry. And imagine all the wannabes's watching who want to be "stylists" and magazine editors and designers now! Chyle PUH-LEASE!
Anyway, I watched and it was just what I expected. Bitches and crazy gay guys. I will admit I was quite afraid of the intensity of Jason's panic attack though. Still, I can't say I loved it. And might I add that I do not like Anne Slowey. I don't like the way she walks. I don't like the way her mouth looks when she talks. I don't like her hair and I don't like her fashion choices. And I hate that she is the focus of the show and she isn't even funny or clever with her contrived bitchiness. "She looks like she got dressed on crack."? Really Anne? Was that the best you could come up with? She's no Nina Garcia or Anna Wintour or even Miranda Priestly!
Maybe next week.

The Arnold