FRONT ROW GIRLS: Mrs. Delphine Arnault Gancia

Delphine sitting inbetween her father and the kaiser

If you read our blog regularly, then you are aware that we love rich women. We follow their every move because the push fashion forward, they are designers muses and most important,and they are the only ones that can afford the couture that comes down the runway. With that being said, I want you to get familiar with the Wolf in a cashmere coat as she is known as in France. Her name is Delphine Arnault Gancia and she is in her own category of FRG's. Unlike most FRG's who are trust fund babies (which she is also but don't get it twisted ) Delphine is a very accomplished business woman. She sits on the board of directors for LVMH the second woman in the company's history. Also Delphine controlled 7.5% of the stocks in LVMH which makes her second largest single stockholder in the company. AND she also was head of Dior's shoe and bag division and contributed in the development of Dior Parfums. In 2008 she become HR manager for LVMH. So what does Mrs. Arnault Gancia have to show for it? A 1.9 BILLION dollar bank account! Could you imagine being her? It was once said that she only wears Louis Vuitton during the day and only Dior at night. How chic is that?! When Delphine got married in 2005 to Alessandro Vallarino Gancia, a wealthy wine heir, she simply just called John ( Galliano of course) up and said " hey I'm getting married make me a dress" and with her dad being John's boss you know John jumped to the joyous task whether he wanted to or not. So look out for her she is a force in the industry. Double kisses Delphine from A2G see you next season at the shows lol (front row of course)

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