I just finished watching CW's Stylista and I loved it. Well some parts. I really wasn't into all the undertones of the devil wears prada. Come tyra your more creative than that. And I think they could have picked a better editor than Anne. I still enjoyed the show. First I wanna say I love that they had Kate as a judge she is just sooo chic. AND where do I begin with Joe Zee I mean really I have no words to decribe my love for him. And that Anne needs to learn how to walk in heels before she can decide the fate of contestants right. And speaking of contestants, Dyshaun he might have what is takes to make it but I want to watch more before I make a decision about him. Not to mention he is kinda cute.

And Meagan I just love her. She is such a bitch she would be my best friend on the show and the girl knows her labels you guys. Did you see her Rick Owens leather jacket and the Chanel dress.
gold star for you Megan.

I can't wait for next week .
Can you?

The Dealer

PS - season 2 is all mine
*double kisses*