Was that shade, Iman?

Iconic Supermodel Iman is not to keen on the idea that Republican Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin may have spent $150,000 on her wardrobe. She kept it fashion, though, and not political. She said "the clothes she's wearing don't say $150,000. It doesn't even look like $100." She went on to compare her to Cindy McCain who is also known to dress quite expensively, but it's ok, since as Iman says, "because all she wears is Oscar de la Renta, but Palin? Those suits don't look like $150,000 to me."

Now that was some subtle but honest shade from a legend and I could not agree with Iman more. Cindy could spend $150,000. I'm sure she does on the regular. Michelle Obama could easily spend the same amount on her classic sheath dresses, but Sarah Palin in those blah skirt suits? BITCH PUH-LEAZE! I'd have taken her right to Banana Republic, styler her up real nice for a few hundred dollars and the GOP could have paid The Arnold half of what they paid at Neiman Marcus! (Not that it would have helped their campaign though.)

Listen to the Arnold. Listen to Iman.