Balenciaga S/S 09

Well I don't know about you guys but I have been waiting to see Balenciaga. Nicolas is one my all time favorite designers I think the man is a mastermind when it comes to pushing the limits of couture. And for S/S 09 I was on the edge of my chair ready to be amazed but to be honest with you guys I hated exits 1 to 9. I mean the whole body glove thingy and the shoes were just ugly to me.( I know it's just for the runway effect and he is going for "sci-fi couture" but NO Nicolas I'm not smelling what your cooking) I kinda liked the boxy blazers with the rounded shoulder shown in exits 10 to 13. The men's collection was a hot mess along with the pieces that followed. And then came joy in the form of shiny and sequin sheath dresses. I loved it and it was so unexpected. The girls looked like glam aliens from the year 2065( Is that how we are going to dress in the future?). But then again that Nicolas for you he is always throwing something new it the fashion pot.

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The Dealer