Viva Milano!

Since it's Men's fashion week, and everyone is in a men's fashion kind of mood, The Arnold decided he'd post about his favorite Italian design duo; Dolce & Gabbana! I loved the collection! And let me tell you I have NOT been in love with much of what Stefano and Domenico have had to offer the past few season in men's OR women's wear. This collection was classic Italian but with flair. Any man could wear these pieces and be the epitome of chic. The boys used rich velvets, luscious colors, interesting basket weaving techniques for texture and my favorite; black and white. All paired with fun velvet slippers in rich colors. And the best part is, The Arnold could recreate plenty of these looks without killing his pockets at places like Banana Republic or Club Monaco. But I won't argue if you buy me some Dolce! Here are my favorites. Just leave out the quilted "dress" pants.

The Arnold