There is only one HEDI SLIMANE

For me I have said it once and I will say it a million times that Mr. Slimane is a genius and is a major force in the industry. He has made menswear exciting and sexy in a new way which is very hard considering the fact there is not a lot to work with. Hedi created a new sexy, the days of muscular beefcake boys were out and super skinny tattooed rockers were in and men like Jefferson Hack and Pete Doherty become the new style icons for the modern fashionable man. From the days at YSL to Dior Homme Slimane created a dirty, sexy, chain smoking rock and roll lifestyle every man has lusted over from little old me to Mr. Chanel himself Karl Lagerfield (and yes Karl wears only Dior homme in fact the reason why he lost all that weight so that he could fit into the Hedi's clothes) I love this man and he needs to come back.

The Dealer