She's New But No Rookie

Soooooooo, Now a blogger myself, I know the feeling of wanting to be heard and wanting the feedback of other people. I believe in most the of the superficial info we provide and enjoy providing it. Fashion is a lucrative business on many levels and I enjoy informing you all on new store openings, fashion icons, the up and coming and so on and so forth. I also enjoy reading what other people and fellow bloggers write. Their view points and personal feelings on the world of fashion, and how they few this every changing phenomenon. My favorite Blogger at the present moment besides Myself and My counterparts (The Dealer and The Arnold, Hey Guys) is a lovely little girl who will remain anonymous at this present time out of respect. But i will provide you with her blog spot which is "Style Rookie", if you google it, it will be the very first entry. She is a Gem, compares herself to Little LuLu and Snoop Dog. She is one of the most fashionable little girls I've ever seen, with a youthful and wild take on the world and fashion. Also to be her age, she's very cultured. I refuse to go on any further. I just hope you all take a trip past her spot and see for yourself. I promise you won't be disappointed. But she is very discrete, so dont tell her I sent you.

With Pleasure,
The Saint