The New Group Of Designer Gentlemen Headed By Yours Truly... 3000

Well in my search to find the next top male designer I came across a League Of Extraordinary Gentle Men, headed by yours truly Mr. Andre Benjamin or Andre 3000 if you will. Now Mr. 3000 has been talking about his fashion passions since the release of "The Love Below" and his new take on his own style. Along with Mr. West, Andre made rapping in oxfords, Khakis, Bow Ties and all other worldly gentlemen attire look Damn GOod. Now Mens Designer Andre Benjamin is Releasing his clothing line Benjamin Bixby, A take on fashion with what he calls a comic book point of view, I.E. "the waist is always pinched, but the legs are full-cut, kind of like the Cracker Jack man.” He says. Along with Andre are a few other extraordinary gentlemen to look out for such as; David Mullen for “Save Khaki”, Robert Geller, Yigal Azrouël, Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos for “Shipley & Halmos” and Alex Carleton for “Rogues Gallery”. So be on be the look out for Andre and the league of extraordinary gentlemen because they are soon to be the future of menswear.

Benjamin Bixby

Save Khaki

Robert Geller

Yigal Azrouel

Shipley & Halmos

Rogues Gallery

I'm excited for whats to come in menswear as most men should be. Even in retail Mens is no longer the product you push to the back of the store. There is a market out there and I feel designers are finally realizing that. And no longer is the market made for just the "gay man" but for men period. Kudos to the League, KUdos. I look forward to whats to come.

WIth PLeasure
THe SAint