Gucci "09", THis Is GOing To Be THe YEar I CAn FEel It

Frida Giannini, THe GEnius

This is definitely going to be the year for Fashion, I can feel it, especially mens fashion. Now if you guys dont know, THe SAint really hasn't been into GUcci since my ideal TOm FOrd jumped off that scene and started his own thing. The girls collections I still think are cute, but as far as mens not so much. Well meet Frida Giannini (for gucci), She has really done her thing for MEns FAshion WEek in MIlan. The very well tailored shinny jacquard suits, Bright woven oxfords with complimentary skinny ties, two toned loafers and tonic jeans, Oh Man! Genius. I was very excited to see what gucci offered men for Fall "09" THe SAint isn't as flashy as this collection, but with clothes like this I'd wear any piece, Any! Thanx FRida, gotta love it.

My FAvorite, not too much, but just enough.

Dealer You Like? LOL

I know the boss will get a kick out of this (your welcome Dealer)

Photos by: Marcio Madeira

I can't thanx you enough Ms. Giannini, The collection is simply fab. You made a believer out of me

To all My High Fashion well put together men, Your Welcome. No really, and dont thank me, Thank Frida.
For all 45 pieces go to Men. Style. com. be amazed.

WIth PLeasure
THe SAint.