We Getting Better Mr. West

Date: 03/11/2009
Place: My Bestie's House

Louis Vuitton by Kayne West

Its 9:45 on a Wednesday night and after a night of television, well Top Model and American Idol which neither I've watched since the seventh season Of "Model" and third season of "Idol", I was shocked, suprised and thrilled all at the same time. My muse, Mr. Kayne West is back to his old self. Yahhhhhhhhhhhh! You have to understand, I know many don't care for Mr. West, But all in all to me the man has style and charisma. But lately especially with the new, but now old hairstyle I started to lose my faith in the aspiring designer. Now with his recognizable low well-shaped up ceaser crew cut, he looked liked the guy I've come to admire. Then as I surfed one of my favorite web sites (not to be disclosed, sorry) I came across Mr. West's sequel to his first Louis Vuitton creation and I must say kudos. Though "The Dealer" said he'd wear the first pair of sneakers Kayne designed, I won't be caught dead. But the new pair of sneakers that was designed is minus the distracting pink, and a little bit more practical. He also collaborated with Nike designer Mark Smith to create a New sneaker for Nike that is very reminiscent to a pair of Air Jordans. My Dear Kayne, you've got your mind back and I for one am very very very pleased.

Nikes by Mark Smith and Kayne West