# 1 Reason not to watch ANTM

Remember Mollie Sue? She was on of Tyra's rejects on one of those seasons of that JOKE of a show, A.N.T.M, which is having it's 111th season premiere tonight. Well after she lost, Mollie Sue signed with Elite, walked a few runways, did a few good international editorials and here she is in a feature in Vogue Russia! (One of A2G's favorite international Vogue editions.) Just look, Tyra let this magical creature slip through and become her roadkill. Now she's in Vogue? Tyra has ruined fashion. It used to be a fun show to watch but now every hood bitch and farm girl thinks she knows "couture". How annoying. No self respecting girl who REALLY wanted to be a model would go on that show! And where the hell are the winners from past seasons? Caridee is hosting a new reality show on Oxygen! How fabulous.
And what is this 5'7 and under bullshit Tyra's trying to pull? WTF?

The Arnold