A SneaK PeeK

Be AMazed

Welcome to the wonderful word of Marc Jacobs. THe SAint is here to give you guys a sneak peek into Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 09 look book. The collection is army inspired, and grunge chic. The colour palette is full of carbon tones in cashmere and popelins. There are also some really nice cashmere wool bomber jackets & slim fit trousers. Also the collection is bursting with prints, graphics and camouflage. And when I say camouflage I mean tons and tons of camouflage. Then there are the leather trenchcoats, which i might add are The SAint's favorite pieces and the donkeycoats in leather and cashmere. I am thrilled to see what he has to offer as a whole collection... I Heart Jacobs.

With Pleasure
THe SAint