Kim K Superstar

Let's face it. T.V isn't much today. All we have are shitty "reality" shows. And while the market is over saturated with these stupid and fake shows, Keeping Up with The Kardashian's always makes the boy happy. The show was built on the demi fame of Kim Kardashian. Kim is a classic celebutante, which basically means she's famous for nothing in particular. She and her sisters are daughters of privilege from L.A. She grew up with and was B.F.F's with Paris Hilton and she dated Ray-J,(who barely qualifies as a celebrity himself.) I just love her! Kim is beautiful and truly glamorous. Now she's not usually the kind of girl I go for(I like East Coast ladies) and even though she got a bad rep from a released sex tape, she really seems down to earth and just nice. And we all love a nice girl who can easily give you sex kitten. Anyway, tonight's episode showed Kim dropping almost $20,000 in one store during a shopping spree. When her family challenged her to go to Bloomigdale's and not shop, she stormed out and they found her later in the fitting room in outfits she had snuck in. Now that's my kind of bitch! Kim's curves were made to be hugged by Dolce & Gabbana, Herve Leger, and Roberto Cavalli and it comes with a price. I mean she never steps out looking less than gorgeous and of course GLAMOROUS!
P.S Kim and her sister Kourtney have the BEST hair in T.V!

The Arnold