Feeling Blu

I'll admit, so far, I'm not wowed by anything I've seen in Milan. So far at least. But I thought it only right that I give a taste of what did impress me. Blumarine by Anna Molinari. I've always like Blumarine. Better than Anna Molinari's signature line even. It's always been about the young and fresh girl. This season it was about the party girl! Anna gave the party girl a whole wardrobe and complete look. She had looks for the party girl to go to work in(even party girls work...sometimes), she gave her jeans and all black ensembles paired with bracelets and glitz for her more "understated" days, and she certainly gave her party outfits. Even long dresses for those big even nights! Anna did BOLD head to toe leopard, sexy tailored suits and coats, pastels paired with bold print and a multicolored leopard print. All in front of an Andy Warhol backdrop. Now, some of the prints will certainly get certain girls on worst dressed lists when they're worn in the real world, but that's how runway translates. The real party girls won't care, she'll be appropriately dressed to be noticed...at the party.

Photos: Style.com

The Arnold