Hello All,
I would like to introduce myself, I’m what you would consider to be a gentle giant, or a saint if you will. And though I can appreciate women’s fashion to the fullest I am a huge fan of menswear. Especially masculine fashion and no I’m not talking streetwear. I can just appreciate a male model in an amazing tailored suit or even a tall Rock & Republic Diego Combat Boot. Tutu’s not so much (sorry Prada). Anyway My good friend “The Dealer” has allowed me to share a few of my views and ideas on fashion amongst other things. I didn’t want to start off too crazy with all that fancy fashion jargon, so I figure I’d start off with one of my favorite things at this present moment. It’s the CALVIN KLEIN PIERSON BOOT. These boots are what’s on my feet at this very moment. At $176.00, the boots are a combination of leather and suede w/ a 10”shaft. They have a cushioned foot bed and arch support. Not to mention they look amazing with dark blue denim and heather grey skinny cords. I’m not usually into a shoe with any kind of shaft for myself (i.e. any kind of combat or riding boot). I love how they look on the runway and on other people but not for me. So thank you Mr. Klein for giving me this very special gift which has become one of my very favorite things.

With Pleasure,
The Saint