Hello all. As we all know the holidays are approaching and I think I've been very good this year (I mean I am a Saint). So I came up with a few things just in case Santa or anyone else was unsure about what to get me as a Holiday treat...

A Burberry Trench... The Question would be, why wouldn't I want it?

A good Fragrance is a must have. There are two smells that I adore. First is my day smell, its the Escada "Moon Sparkle" I feel like I've stepped out of the shower for atleast 10 hours. Then theres Tom Ford, which is a great night smell and others seem to find me very enticing when too close to me when I'm wearing this Fragrance.

Like "The Arnold" I too hate buying sneakers, But if I had to except a pair as a gift these would definitely be them. Plus I'm a big admirer of converses and the converse (red) carpets would be a dream for a fan like myself.

Traditionally a womens bracelet, I know it maybe a little unorthodox for a man to want this, but I find a simple Tiffany's bracelet looks great peeking up from under an expensive suit.

I'm an advocate of good Hygiene, and theres no reason a man cant treat his face the same way he treats the rest of his 2000 parts. And The Anthony skin care line makes for great stocking stuffers.

I am a man always on the go, so believe me when I tell you a bag to put all my belongings in is a must. Plus I hate that "I think I forgot something" feeling. So Mulholland Brothers made this really cute alligator safari bag that will do all my belongings justice. Its a little expensive but I've been very good this year. I deserve it.

Are we aware theres a New BlackBerry in town, I'm not really a sucka for touch screens but I would love a new gadget. And the Nylon would be great to have for those long Plane rides. Plus wouldn't they both be great to have in my new bag.

I am a business man first and foremost and a great suit is a must, so this Ralph Lauren Navy Purple Label Suit will suit me just fine.

I was looking for a new trendy leather for those not so cold days. I feel This Marc Jacobs will do.

I Don't think I'm asking for too much, I mean really if you put into consideration all the charity work, and good deeds I've done in "08" there wouldn't be a second thought in your mind about me receiving any of these gifts. But I'm not picky you can get me whatever you think I deserve.

With Pleasure,
The Saint