LEGEND: Tom's Final show

(wait for Carmen Kass please )

Tom come back please. I miss Tom so much. He needs to come back and start designing again(He does still do men's but we need him back in women's). I was looking at his final collection for Gucci and was just blown away! It was the meaning of GLAMOUR! The girls walked on a luxe white fur rug for Pete's sake. And all the girls showed up; Gemma, Natasha, Elisa, Mariacarla, Liya, Hana... let me stop cause I'm taking y'all wayyyy back. They don't do like they used to do no more.(FYI: did you know Christopher Bailey also was on the design team at Gucci?). Tom ruled the industry ever since he showed that velour pantsuit. Please make yourself familiar with every piece in that collection because it is a piece of fashion history.

This is a shoe black fur and diamonds.... WHAT..... really Tom?
This is what we are all about

The infamous white coat