The Arnold wants for Christmas

I'll take a DVD copy of one of my favorite movies: Loving Jezebel. It's not a Christmas flick, but it is one of my favorites and I taped, yes TAPED it off of Starz years ago. Now I need it on DVD! I'll watch it along with my holiday favorites This Christmas, A Christmas Story, and National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.

Whatever happens, I must start the Holidays out smelling good. I'll take this tried and true YSL fragrance for men.

I NEED these moccasins to kick about in for the Holidays.

I'd adore a Subscription to V magazine. Though I'm not sure how the mailman will fit it in my mail slot.

I hate buying outerwear for myself but I do need a new coat and I'd love this under my tree.

I also hate buying footwear since I can never decide what I really want but I am obsessed with these Croc embossed patent leather Vans!

I want a house in Palm Beach for the Winter though I'd keep a Philadelphia residence for when I crave an actual white Christmas. I'd like one with a pool like Mrs. C.Z Guest's, which is pictured on the cover of this book by photographer Slim Aarons. And I'd like a copy of each of Slim Aarons' books. Thanks.

The Holidays won't mean a thing without someone to share it with and since humans can't all act right(call me bitter), I'd like a new best friend. One who looks GREAT, loves playing in the snow and wears a fur coat at all times. I want a purebred Siberian Husky!

Now if you truly love The Arnold, then price is no object right? Besides, I am a very reasonable gift requester. Merry Christmas everyone!!

Please and Thank you,
The Arnold