Daddy, I want a Pony!

Athina Roussel is the sole heiress to the Onassis shipping BILLIONS. She'd rather spend it on horses than couture though. She's married to an international level rider, has her own horse show and trains at on Olympic level.

Queen Elizabeth, her children, and her grandchildren are all accomplished riders. Will and Harry are avid polo players and her granddaughter Zara Phillips made it to the Olympics this year before her horse was injured. Zara's mother, Princess Anne was a part of Britain's Olympic equestrian team in 1976.

Paige Johnson, daughter of B.E.T founders Robert and Sheila Johnson, keeps her 10 ponies at her residences in Middleburg, Virginia and in Wellington, Florida. Both of which are PRIME Horse country.(Just so you know show jumping isn't just for the rich white kids.LOL)

Georgina Bloomberg, Daughter of Multibillionaire and New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. She keeps her 9 horses at her 20 acre upstate N.Y home and stables and at her home in Wellington, Florida which hosts one of America's premier horse shows.

The Arnold has always wanted a horse to call my own. As a few of you may know, horsing is a preferred pastime of the VERY wealthy. Show jumping, dressage, Polo, horse racing These are big sports and it takes BIG money to keep up with them. A good pony can cost several hundred thousand dollars, you see. AUTHENTIC riding boots and a good Hermes saddle may cost you 5,000!(Surely you know that Hermes didn't start with the Birkin bag.) Big, big money is made and spent on horses, but these kids just do it for fun. What's a couple hundred thousand in prize money but pocket change?