Pretty girls Big dogs

As I walked home from work today, I noticed a youngish boy walking a beautiful, majestic German Shepherd. I immediately was jealous. I looked great today and a dog like that would have been the perfect companion/ accessory! The Arnold has just always loved animals and dogs in particular. My years with my Golden Retriever were some of my fondest memories from my childhood. And though I love little Yorkies and Chihuahuas and Shih Tzus, The Arnold needs a mans dog. One that can knock me down while wrestling. One that BARKS not yaps. And I thought about it. As good a I'd look walking a Husky or German or Golden Retriever, I LOVE seeing a sexy, fashionable woman in control of a big dog. My friend and a former Miss Pennsylvania, Samantha walks around with her huge Doberman Pinscher, which I find to be one of the chicest breeds! Before Paris Hilton, fashionable ladies walked Greyhounds, Standard Poodles, and Collies. And Chanel had a thing for Borzois; a regal and huge Russian hunting dog. Trust The Arnold, ladies. Invest in a dog that can protect your purse, not fit in it.

Bow wow,
The Arnold