A little about me..... and you too

Well I came up with some questions about myself that maybe some of you guys may want to know about me. But I want you guys to answer them too so don't be shy and answer I love to see what my reader are thinking and into.

Name - The Dealer

Age - 25

Sex - homme

Gay or straight - gay

Favorite model - right now its a tie between Jourdan and Anna S but all time fav is Linda

Favorite designer - right now at this very second Marc Jacobs

US Vogue or French Vogue - French vogue

What was the first label you ever brought - a moschino t shirt lol

What was the most expensive item you brought so far - a bag from
club monaco that I got in black and brown

Bags or shoes - bags always

What other fashion blogs do you frequent -jak&jil, were faggy bitch, stylefile,basically everyone on my blogroll


What do you want to do in the industry - I want anna's job or my own magazine

Carine or Anna - Carine

What item would u kill item for right now - I have few
1.Hermes HAC 50cm in black with silver hardware

2.Rick owens black leather jacket

3.David yurman diamond ring

When you die who do you want to come back as - MK or Ash Olsen

Your favorite fashion advice - When you can't find anything to wear wear all black

Double kisses
The Dealer