Now Sasha this is FIERCE

Ms. Sasha has gotten the girls to-get-her huh. (Gold robots and a greasy Sasha with a tight chignon sitting on the top of her head WERK!!!!) I have been waiting for like a month for the video and I wasn't disappointed at all. The first 50 seconds of her walking in that nasty boot and frame and sick leather jacket was a great start to the video. I lived. I loved all the looks she was giving. Ty really did a good job (iCON I know you are living right now for your favorite singer in your favorite designer ) But did y'all catch the shade in the video , the trunk with the mannequins are the other girls in the game i.e riri, cici etc and with this video Sasha is saying "yall had your fame now I'm back" I loved it lol or maybe I'm reading into the video too much.

Double kisses
The Dealer