Olivia my sweet

Okay so I just got done watching the series premiere of The City well actually I'm watching it for the second time as I type this post. First, I wanna say that I'm addicted and I can not get enough of Olivia and her bitchy queeny cousin. Although it is Whitney's show I am smitten with Olivia. I love her! she was everything I dreamed. She is a total bitch and I love it! She throws the SHADE. Just look at her facial expressions they are priceless. AND she is without a flaw the hair the shoe, the look all done to perfection . Did you not love the look she was giving in Philips restaurant? Now on to Whitney. Frankly, I think she is kind of boring to me and I mean I love her to bits but come on Whitney you gotta shake things up a lil. I'm totally ready for this season of The City. Are you ?

WAIT best line from the show
Kelly referring to Olivia "Oh she has a job now?"


Double kisses
The Dealer

One more thing make yourself familiar with Olivia's scandal, Because this is the real reason why she is famous and works at DVF and on the The City. PR is a beauiful thing dont you think.