Social Studies: Dree Hemingway

Tinsley, Fabiola, Bee, Julia, Vanessa and now we can add Dree Hemingway's name to the list . Dree is rapidly becoming a fixture of the international party scene(which is NOT easy ask Olivia Palermo). Dree is sipping cocktails with other "socials" who usually spend their days shopping for the latest garments and partying in the hottest ventures the world has to offer. Hemingway who is a trained ballet dancer , actress and now model is the latest to penetrate the world of socials. Dree is the great granddaughter of Ernest and daughter of Mariel Hemingway. Dree is quickly making her name is the industry with campaigns from DKNY and Abercrombie & Fitch and editorials for teen Vogue and D magazines. If there was still a socialite rank I think they would like her.

What do you think ?

Dree with the lovely Lisa Love

Walking for Givenchy

The Dealer