Fur shame

We love animal prints over here at A2G. Little is more glamorous than a good pelt, I will admit. However we love the animals and there are way too many options which achieve the look of Zebra or leopard WITHOUT killing some poor ENDANGERED animal. So imagine my disgust when I read that GLAMOROUSLY rich, cab driver turned oil and real estate billionaire, Tamir Sapir was found guilty of 29 violations of the Endangered Species Act! Mr. Sapir apparently likes to decorate his yacht with every illegal skin and pelt he could find! On the yacht were found, barstools upholstered in python and anaconda skin, a cigar box made of elephant hide, the hides of jaguars, zebras, and tigers, a python skin cigarette holder, seven carved elephant tusks, a childs bed lined in zebra skin, and a fully stuffed lion! Can you imagine? What the hell does anyone need with a stuffed lion?!? Not only does this yacht sound like a jungle graveyard but it sounds ASTONISHINGLY TACKY! Authorites estimate that these items cost Sapir upwards of $85,000. That's nothing to man who could afford just about anything, except of course good taste. GET HIM PETA!

The Arnold