MUSE: Loza Maléombho

Loza in the Oshogbo dress - a Loza Maleombho original

In my lifetime I have been blessed to meet amazing people who have learned so much from. I believe in surrounding myself with positive people who push you forward and closer to your dreams. I met Loza many years ago when I was in college and had a little retail job. Me and Loza spent many ours days working together, taking about fashion and trying on clothes when we really should have been working lol. I wanted to share with everyone the wonder that is Loza Maléombho. She a amazing woman, Loza is a model, stylist, graduate of the University of the Arts with a degree in animation. And the girl can DRESS. I would wait for her to come in to work just to she what she was wearing lol. I love support my friends in any way I way I can. Loza's latest achievement is Loza Maléombho LLC a fashion label.

"Loza Maléombho LLC New York city based Ready to wear clothing line, founded in 2008. During this time of world's cultural mixes and cultural awareness, the Label offers contemporary dresses to a fashion forward and international woman: a mixture of modern silhouettes with an ethnic and tribal edge in textile."

Now I want everyone to visit her blog and fall in love with her like I did. And please be on the look out for her new collection in the near future.

Yes those are the YSL tribute boots.

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