I'm back

Hello everyone, did you miss me ?

Of course you did lol

First I want to say thank you to my staff, especially my very own little Andre Leon Tally and Emmanuelle Alt rolled into one The Arnold for taking over while I was away. I also want to thank THe SAInt for taking time out to post. Also I haven't forgot about you Special K keep your head up. (PS I need those red Gucci loafers you were wearing lol) Now I know what you guys were wondering, "Why I was away for so long?" Well, first of all guys I moved into my first apartment about two weeks ago. And moving took almost every bit of strength and all my time . So I am finally settled in my new two bedroom apartment. Now I am back with a new address, new hair, new laptop, and a new member of the addicted staff ( The Wildcard is coming soon) and I am back to focus on giving you guys what you come here for everyday high fashion and glamour from my point of view.

love you more
The Dealer