MUSE: Milan Vukmirovic

After viewing and falling in love with Vukmirovic's label Trussardi 1911, I wanted to see who was the man behind the flawless collection . Milan (love the name) is no stranger to the industry . Milan is the co founder of power house retailer Colette . Milan's new venture The Webster is a amazing and in my opinion is better than Colette. Milan also worked along with Tom Ford as design director for the Gucci Group. After leaving the Gucci Group, Vukmiroric went to one of my favorite labels the house of Jil Sander. But wait Milan did not stop there, he is also editor and chief L'officel Hommes magazine. Milan usually shoots most of the magazines spreads because he is also a well accomplished fashion photographer. I must say I love this man. Vukmirovic has a great approach to luxury and design that I really related to. Milan takes a discreet approach to luxury without being way too trendy, which is also how I like to approach my style. I believe in investing in piece I can wear now and five years from now. So please remember the name of my latest muse Milan Vukmirovic.

The Dealer