And then the curtains opened….

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers-and style is what you choose” Lauren Hutton, Influence by Ashley & Mary Kate Olson

Good Afternoon Fellow Addicts:

I am pleased to meet all of your acquaintance. As the newest edition to the A2G family, you may call me The Wildcard. The name, if not personified and limited to my overall fashion aesthetic, fits into the dimension of what “style” means to me. I am eclectic and all over the place, yet simplistic and minimal.

I enjoy traditional fashion elements: a-line skirts, pleated trousers, white-button down oxford shirts, bowties; and yet I do enjoy extremities: if you remember all of Nicolas Ghesquière's spring/ summer 08 Balenciaga, jodhpur pants, and exaggerated shoulders. I also believe in budgeting, and scouring vintage shops for rare finds. Yet, fashion is a mere iceberg in a sea of glaciers that style embodies.

I believe that everyone should live their life in style. It is your best representation of who you. The jobs you have, the clothes you own, and/ or your personality, are all examples of living “stylishly”. This can apply to the hipster college student who parties hard and works harder or the suburban housewife who’s draped in Oscar de la Renta and J. Crew. You could live your life in style on a budget or flagrantly, yet you must be or become who you are, which is my definition of style.

Onto the fun part; I hope we have a good time together addicts, as I promise to entertain, inspire, and provide new perspectives.

Now let the games begin.


The Wildcard