Clearly, Donatella Versace IS living in a fantasy. She must be! Anyone who can create these magical creations definitely has a sense of whimsy. Not to mention construction! Craftsmanship! Can you imagine how many hours of work went into these creations? I can't even look at these dresses from the Versace Atelier Spring 09 collection. Donatella's all about ruffles and swirls and drama drama drama. I can so see these at some ball in Paris or on some billionaires wife in Texas or at the ballet in San Francisco; wherever they do drama. A woman would literally be the bell of the ball in these gowns and the life of any party in the shorter dresses. Donatella hasn't been doing big couture shows lately. These small presentations are for the clients. Thank you. I'd go out on a limb and say that this is one Donatella's best collections since taking the reigns at the label. I'd also say that these pics of model Georgina Stojiljkovic in these dresses are absolutely fucking stunning! Georgina was MADE for the couture. The Arnold called the Versace Atelier Spring 08 collection as the one to watch on the red carpets and this one is sure to follow. The Oscars just passed but I can't wait!

With the vapors,
The Arnold