(First) Ladies Choice

The Fall collection from designer Thakoon Panichgul was typical New Yorl fashion week style. Sleek, luxurious, rich, wearable! And thus, Thakoon will sell. Thakoon doesn't offer high high fashion haute couture fantasy and he doesn't pretend to. What he did and does deliver is wearable clothes for women about town. Thakoon is a former fashion journalist, after all. He knows what works. And what sells. He kept it interesting though. All bases covered here. Multi colored fur hats, maybe for Russia's new money ladies. Pretty prints and ruffle effects for proper Upper East siders. Suits for the Ladies who lunch and the high powered worker bees alike and Silver metallic peep toe booties, fur coats and capes dyed every color of the rainforest and mirror inserts on L.B.D for his more daring customers. Let's see who wears what when these pieces hit the streets of New york and... Washington D.C. We know Michelle Obama loves Thakoon. And her right hand and White House social secretary,(and one of my favorite new ladies to watch), Desiree' Rogers was on hand (next to Anna) to view the collection.

I just love to say "Thakoon". LOL

The Arnold