La Lydia

Surely, you know Lydia Hearst. Lydia is a TOP model signed with Elie in New York. She's been the face of Sephora, Bottega Veneta, and currently, Pringle Scotland. She's been on countless magazine covers, designed a bag for Puma, and wrote a column for Page 6 magazine. And all that is just for fun! Lydia Hearst-Shaw is the daughter of the infamous heiress; Patti Hearst, and she's the great- grandaughter of publishing giant William Randolph Hearst. Anytime you sit down to read Cosmo, Esquire, or Harper's Bazaar, it's being brought to you by the Hearst's. Lydia has an uncle or two on the Forbes list annually. We would call Lydia the ultimate front row girl but she's usually up on the runway. Well, when she wants to be. When you're heiress to a billion dollar empire, you can afford to take a season or two off.

Green with envy,
The Arnold