A lil Pixie dust

So the blogosphere is in an uproar over the latest Vogue Italia. On the cover is Pixie Geldof. Pixie, her REAL name, is the daughter of British rocker Sir Bob Geldof, and one of London's leading new It girls. Apparently, people think Italian Vogue is going in the direction of American Vogue and just putting popular faces or actresses on the cover instead of high fashion models. The kids are pissed! Hardcore fashionistas have high expectations of Italian Vogue. Everyone knows they are cutting edge and take risks. However, I like the cover! Pixie looks great. She's featured in a full 14 page editorial alongside her best friend and fellow London party girl, Daisy Lowe. Sure they're just celeb kids, but they're models too! I like Pixie. She's young and I think she's "cute". I love her hair and I LOVE that her name is Pixie. LOL Let her have her cover! You'd rather her than her awful sister, Peaches. Ugh.

The Arnold