Seven wonders of the bag world.

Hey guys if you didn't know I'm a bag person. I love bags. So I was thinking what bags should every woman have in there closet that will help them build the perfect wardrobe(I'm all about building the perfect wardrobe)
Here are in my opinion the seven wonders of the bag world. I came to pick these seven by the bag's popularity and the ability to stand the test of time and how they can work into a woman's wardrobe.

7. Fendi baguette

Ever since the bag's debut ten years ago it has been a smash hit thanks to Carrie and the girls. It is now a wardrobe staple. And it started the "IT" bag craze. Im loving the bigger updated version.

6. Goyard tote

I think this is a perfect work bag. It's big enough to carry all your needs for the day such as makeup bag , gym clothes, comfy shoes etc. The bag comes in a rainbow of colors and a matching wallet, and you can monogram it as well.

5. Louis Vuitton speedy 35

In my opinion I believe that this is the perfect starter bag. It is a classic. But I would go for the Epi leather in black or red.

4. Judith Leiber clutch

Your wardrobe is not complete until you have a evening bag. And Judith is the only choice for evening.

3. Hermes Kelly bag

Named after HRH Princess Grace Kelly. This bag is a investment and will gain value as the years pass, Hermes is the only bag that gain value the longer you have it.

2. Hermes Birkin

Now my personal favorite, I spent my nights dreaming about one day having a Hermes Birkin. I would sell my left kidney on the black market to get one lol. Mark my words I will have one!!

1. Chanel 2.55

It does not get any more classic than this, launched in February 1955. You can never go wrong with Chanel. If you are to get any bag from this list I highly suggest the 2.55.

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