Let me be honest. I really don't use Prada. I love the accessories and I'll wear a piece if you purchase it for me. And I get that she's one of fashions most influential designers, but the clothes at Prada never really did it for me. Not REALLY. (Though, there was a collection circa 1996 that had me trying to pass off a pea green Dickies jacket as Prada!) The Arnold will admit that he kinda liked this most recent Prada collection. Miuccia uses these weird crumpled materials and turned them into sexy blouses, dresses, and sexy sexy fitted, just below the knee skirts..with slits! I love slits. I love long tight skirts! Thsi collection brought to mind a certain Dolce & Gabbana collection or two, from years past. Sexy Italian W-O-M-A-N. Of course she tried it and had these poor frail teenagers in shy high platforms that had the girls falling all over the place. And of course Jourdan Dunn was the only black girl.

I, for one, can't wait to see chicks try to rock these shoes on the street!

Yours, the Arnold